Lock your emotions in box

throw it in the sea

dont feel this world is so full of faknness around

finding a friend is impossible stabbing knives

turning backs

hurts the most when your hit by an arrow thrown at you by someone you trust blindly

Dont believe when he tells you that he will never leave, that he will never get fed up by you, that he will never hurt you

Dont believe his promises or words cause when its shatters it hurts the most


so thin like a thread

broken with a storm

how long can it last ?

the love between me and you

weak like a wood

burned with fire

ashes left behind

flying in the sky

at least they got freedom

the story of our turned into regrets

the loud screams,anger,hatred

shattering the glass castle

which took a hundred years to be made

trust ,romance,passion were essence of what we shared called love

whats left are scars on souls

words turned into arguments

arguments turned into fights

were we meant to be like this ?

we were meant to be one soul

so broken am I

can love hurt this much

love gone hatred left

broken yet alive

breaking everything we shared into a memory

Got it

“Can you give me your number ” said A

No we are talking here so its fine here ” said B


Then after a while “ok”

replied A


Sometime went by another text

“what do I lack ” said A

After a long wait replied B

“Nothing your perfect ”

“stop lying ” replied A

(there must be something wrong with me or why else would you not. Want me but rather use me to your needs)

“I said nothing ” replied B

“No one is perfect tell me I will not blame you, I promise. Replied A

“stop it are you ,crazy you and I are not meant for each other you will find someone whose for you


(her heart shattered a thosand pieces she wanted to die she asked god to kill her, rejection. Got it but find someone else put the needles the most rejectes in. The most horrible. Ways possible when you. Have been Together for an year )

Yes I got it sir

Kill my. Heart for falling for. You

Kill my Soul for loving you

Or give me Amnesia

The endless road

If forgetting you was so easy can it be called love .

The endless painful road where you travel alone, you tell me

“not to depend on your absence or presence “

I wish the same as it will set me free from the pain of waiting for the impossible.

Ending the nights I spend in your thoughts .

The day dreams about you.

I forgot myself making myself avaible at your door 24/7 my priority was you .

For you I always had time but for you, you didnt had a second in 24 hours for me saying “you busy”.

How can someone be busy 24 hours..

When excuses start to begin in any relation thats the end of it thats when its ended unofficially.

That’s the root of the beginning cause after that your left alone on the road .

My soul needs you to breath , my lips keeps craving your lips,my mind keeps replying the memories of us…….

Now what am I supposed to do I can express my feeling but I can’t make you care .

Now even my emotions are a burden to your mighty self your so great ,so happy ,without me .

I wish there was a pill of happiness

A pill of amnesia ,where I can erase all of you and be happy forever.

what I didn’t had or was not pretty enough .

what was wrong with me?

why did you left me behind ?

Now I can’t even see you on this road you have gone gone so far my love so far my hands left empty with this heart ache in my heart, carrying my baggage of stuff I start to walk alone on this road I don’t know where would it lead me from here…………… What do you think where would it lead me ???


You gave me freedom from the shackeles I never wanted to be unlocked

my heart and soul was chained to you, you set me free to roam around to taste different lips to touch differnt bodies you set me free by ending the one sided love I may have loved you I may have hated you I can tell you how I feel but I can’t make you care How hopless a human is that he Can’t even change the heart nor force his feelings……..


He thinks I will regrer his proposal, he thought I will regret losing him but who knows my heart who knows that for the one i shedded tears of blood is no longer in my life when I can survive that then who are you whome I dont love? Who are you? If I dont accept your proposal move on as my heart is so strong

Wo kahta ha ka ham patctaye ge

Usey kya malom si dil ne tufan sah liya

Phir tum kya hu

He says i will regret losing him

He don’t know my heart survived a storm

he is not even a wind..

Unfaithful pt2

So this is how it ends completely soaked in rain I was walking in an unknown place the roads were empty you could even see an animal around so how can a human be seen if someone killed me right now no would know nor would I resist cause in my heart I really wanted to die . The flash back came and it kept coming I could not escape the reality anymore no more .

I called my girlfriend rose she was like a rose so fresh even her voice would make me feel happy and she would start talking I just wanted to hear it was melodious

So how is my rose today ? You know I do miss you a lot at work “I told her she replied back with

“honey its so late when will you be back every day I wait for you but you always come in the morning that’s not fair ” she was angry at me I knew it

I was really busy with my work that I had to do over night shift and I had to do it today too

“sorry its just this project is really important when it ends all my time is for you I promise ”


“can you hear me ”

and silence answered me she had hung up my beautiful rose I wanted to at least talk on phone

how can you leave my soul alone I got back at work but my heart and mind were not there she was upset with me and I missed her so badly so I just left the work but my boss  will  scold  me tomorrow.

I will  apologize to my boss maybe they will deduct my pay so what I could not be away anymore so I reached home bought a cake on my away her favorite chocolate flavor if she see it all her anger will vanish and so had the cake and roses in my hands I had the spare key I wanted to surprise her so I just went in the lights were off and it was dark wow she sleeping I thought to myself and tried to not make noise her sleep was sensitive.

  I came close to the stairs I heard loud laughter from my bedroom. Oh she was awake and laughing is she with someone at 1 am no she must be reading her novel  I tried to get rid of these thoughts so slowly went up  there was a tiny gap in the door and her back was toward the door she was wearing a red dress and then I hears a mysterious voice

” so are not you scared rose what if your husband found out ” 

I hear a familiar guy  voice ” he is too stupid and naive baby he would not know a thing ”

Rose wrap her arms around this  man whose face I could not see clearly and then he lifted her up spin her around and kissed her lips  . I could not believe my eyes, shocked ,my body could not move hard to believe the two people I loved most in my life could betray me like this .

peter what about you ? your his step brother how can you betray your brother ” Rose asked him with a smile “well your sweeter then any relation what can I say it was hard to resist your smell  I want to eat you whole ” and that was it I could not hear or see any further I Just went straight grabbing his collar and band I punched his face that face which kissed my wife “how can you betray me you were my brother I raised you after your mother died that’s how you repay me ” he was not guilty eyes looking straight smiled and said “she was delicious ”  and I realized punching him is useless I looked at Rose she looked worried “look its not my fault he came on me please trust me ”  Rose you have one day leave my house before dawn and I will send you divorce papers and I heard everything so that enough ” with that i ran back down the stairs she kept calling me begging me she didn’t loved me , she just loved my money .

so here I walk in places unknown who would have thought something like this could happen to me , I was faithful ,loyal to what was my fault what made her cheat? and I kept  walking  how can  I live without her should I kill myself ? these thought were on mind a flash back came

“Rose when ever you wear red I can’t take my eyes off you don’t wear it in front of other guys okay ”  rose smiled and said ” here you go again don’t worry I am only yours “

what was that , what were the kisses, the times we spent we were married for five years and were in a relation since in college. I felt like my life was finished and so I thought to take my life called my lawyer told him to write papers in which all my property will go to a trust . And with that I took my gun out as I put the gun on my head I heard crying and that also of a baby I looked around no one was there then where did it came from I followed the voice and it was coming from a dirty street down where there were small huts and a then my eyes laid on a baby laying in trash and it was surrounded by dogs I took a stick and made the dogs run away I took the baby in my arms , the baby was so small born few hours back I rushed back to my car and took the baby to the hospital informed police and the doctors .

That day I didn’t saved a life but my life was saved by her and so she is my angel my world I never thought something this good happen to me being a father is more than a broken heart she mend my heart with her love .

Don’t stay

Have been siting on this cold floor it’s more than an hour, my body have no strength to get up this is the fifth time he has has beaten me so badly that it will be hard to even see myself in mirror slowly I start to have courage to get up but as I get up I fall again a cry of pain coming from my mouth .

This is the story of Jessica , a young women in her 20’s being beaten by her husband, they had love marriage were dearly in love and are still but it seems only one sided now, Jessica is not dependent financially on him or is forced to live with him then why she choose to stay…. Let’s find out

“Jessica he beats you so badly look your lips are bleeding, your arms have marks of cigarette and your legs are bruised that it’s hard to even walk.” said her friend Anna she had visited her when her husband was away and was trying to put medicine on her wound she is a nurse in a health care center .

Jessica just looks down, unable to say a word .

“we should call police, enough is enough ” said Anna, as she word come out, it seems like Jessica energy jump in from no where and she presses her hand on Anna

“no please no Anna you know he do not do it intentionally he loved me and still love me but you see its my fault I make him do this, I deserve this ,this is my fate. ” she kept saying that and told Anna to go back as its was time of him to come back. “Jessica I am scared to leave you what if this continues and it makes me lose you ” Anna said with trembling lips her eyes showing how dear Jessica was to her, “don’t worry he will never kill me, you go back before he returns I dont want him to be mad he don’t like your visits ” said Jessica and Anna left with giving her hug “be safe ” and Jessica said “Anna I love him that’s why I am staying or I would have left him the first time he cheated, the first time he lay his hands on me , the first time he burned my hand but my love for him or you can say I am so emotionally depended on him that I can’t leave him even if it leads to end my life ” Anna hugged her back and gave her an angry look “no death you have to live till we get white hair “and they both laughed

Happiness, attached and sorrow don’t last forever but the choices does this was there last conversation Anna and Jessica had as Jessica lost her life to choices and love, that night the guy she so loved killed her by brutally beating her leading her fall on a glass table making her bleed and her last words “don’t stay “

A fictional story on love, violence, attachments


You said grab my hand, come to me when you feel sad

Now where do I go ?

Who do I seek?

the pain I feel inside my heart

How can you heal it?

when you put the bullet in my heart

never understood me

named my sassiness as rude

called me weird

was it too much for you to handle?played had fun

broke my heart into pieces

never thought it could break as i always used a protection cover

writing all my pain on a piece of paper. Thats how I tell my poetry not your fault my heart slipped on worthless souls .

By flyingcolors