lust and love a thin line ,

love was when we were innocent ,

now all that is left is lust

the butterflies are gone

don’t know what love is anymore?

a world where virginity is sold

and the number of girls look cool

when the spice is over

its taken for granted

then affairs are formed on shady nights


mature content

Not the types to sacrifice

lets just love for tonight

exploring each other bodies ,

kissing the art so delicate

not the  type to leave our religions ,

we know fate has never meant us together,

boundaries separate us,

culture is so different

but this love feels so real

that i can not keep my hands to myself ,

so for just tonight lets forget everything

let the desires take control

my world is in your arms

your mine just for tonight

tomorrow we will be strangers

going on our separate paths

so for just tonight

lay in my arms as we do the forbidden