Heroine is bad for the body it destroys you but still can not leave it, thats you for me. Your not good for me but I cann’t leave you. Like an heroine addict I am addicted to you.

Everyday the addict promises to leave it with just for day… And with that he never stops… I do the same just for today will say “hi” ask “how is he doing ” ,I know he is always good, god gave him everything one can desire. Its just an excuse for me to talk to you. Taking every insult thrown at me that’s my punishment for loving you.

Sometimes I wonder just like heroine can find anyone but the heroine addict cant let go, you can find and have anyone, you have the most amazing and beautiful people around you but for me its only YOU

Sounds too romantic right, ignore it thats how I am have been these days….

These finger tips

The way you touched left traces of your finger tips

its been an year and these finger tips I feel them

the fights and kissing the never ending touches

Loved you with my soul

your every inner demon tangling it within my soul

every man that come across could’nt erase your marks stiched into my skin and left a stamp on my heart.

Your fingers the way they make cirlces on sacred parts like no one else

light me up

set me free

from the flames you made

deep inside me

the thirst and hunger for these finger tips is never ending


As you started to leave

my hands started to shake

my world fell apart

you were the fragnance in the rose

the shine in the star

without you I felt so lost

wanted to stop you but my lips sealed

could not even say

“I love you ” these feelings in my heart

will they die in

as you were never mine

these poems I write

the man in my dreams is

only YOU

Hey guys you must be like Why always romance well I am hopless romantic person and all I do is love love lol just kidding its just

some poems and writing comes by heart it does not matter how it is written but what it makes you feel


Music is life . When your all alone , when there is no sound in the darkness , its the sound of music easing your pain and hurt .

but if I kiss you

will you mouth

read this truth

darling,how I miss you

strawberries taste like lips do

and its not complete yet

must not get our feet wet

cause that leads to regret

diving in too soon

(little bird by ed sheeran)



You’re saying it’s hopeless, that I should hope less
Heaven can help us, well maybe she might
You say it’s beyond us, what is beyond us
Let’s see and decide

   I’m trying to save us, you don’t wanna save us
You blame human nature and say it’s unkind
Let’s make up our own minds, we got our whole lives
Let’s see and decide, decide ( severo stargazing )



Turn Back Time

if I could turn back time


I would have loved you more

if I could turn back time


I would have treasured every moment

if I  could turn back time


I would have not made mistakes that I did

if I could have turned back time

I would  be in your arms instead of her today


if you could turn back time what would be your deepest desires share and like and comment thank you for all your support 🙂 take care have a lovely Christmas .


mature content

Not the types to sacrifice

lets just love for tonight

exploring each other bodies ,

kissing the art so delicate

not the  type to leave our religions ,

we know fate has never meant us together,

boundaries separate us,

culture is so different

but this love feels so real

that i can not keep my hands to myself ,

so for just tonight lets forget everything

let the desires take control

my world is in your arms

your mine just for tonight

tomorrow we will be strangers

going on our separate paths

so for just tonight

lay in my arms as we do the forbidden


ye na samjho ka hamey tum se muhabat nahi      do not think i don’t love you

humey tu adat ha khamosh rahney ki                     I just have a habit to be silent



me ne tarap kar bola buhat yad atey hu tum         with anxiousness i said i miss you a lot

wo muskura kar bola aur tumhey ata he kya ha    you smiled and said what else can                                                                                             I do



log kahtey he mera dil pathar ka ha

kuch log aisey bhe they jo ausey bhe tor kar chaley gaye

people say my heart is of stone

there were some people that even broke that and went by



hey guys these are some of urdu romantic poetry i liked  my first time writing  about it so do not know what the response will be but tried my best , i may have made mistakes sorry for that and i hope you like it