Music is life . When your all alone , when there is no sound in the darkness , its the sound of music easing your pain and hurt .

but if I kiss you

will you mouth

read this truth

darling,how I miss you

strawberries taste like lips do

and its not complete yet

must not get our feet wet

cause that leads to regret

diving in too soon

(little bird by ed sheeran)



You’re saying it’s hopeless, that I should hope less
Heaven can help us, well maybe she might
You say it’s beyond us, what is beyond us
Let’s see and decide

   I’m trying to save us, you don’t wanna save us
You blame human nature and say it’s unkind
Let’s make up our own minds, we got our whole lives
Let’s see and decide, decide ( severo stargazing )






taylor swift new album just came out yesterday and i am a fan of her after listening to her song love story and so here it goes i heard her new album songs they are really interesting have a new side to her , i do not much liked her pop side like the song READY FOR IT and DONT BLAME ME which have a rocky side to it i prefer emotional and on a deeper meaning level songs so for me her top songs will be








i loved the line the old taylor can not come to the call , why ? because she is dead

let me tell what did you liked in the new album if your a taylor swift fan one that will stay forever


this song so much is relatable  to my true story , so listen to it as well

friendship to love

and then

from  love to heartbreak

all of it happened so soon

that the time spent with you seemed

so short


the fights seemed so long


there remain one thing which never changed

and that was my love for you

so strong

like an ice berg


then you broke me

into a thousand pieces with leaving me alone

that it was so hard to live


move on ,

the relation from friendship,love and break up quickly turned into something called hatred,revenge ,

hating you was easy then revenge

cause seeing you hurt was like me hurt

but continued to hate you

for what you did to me ,blamed you ,resented you ,tried to do friendship ,still cared for your wounds

the heart ached for you ,

but then when everything failed ,

every effort was thrown into the bin,

when there was no going back to what we were,

no matter how hard i tried it could not be normal relation,

there i stopped trying ,stopped calling,texting,being a nuisance,

but stopping everything did not mean my heart stopped loving ,

when there was rain i would write your name on my car window ,

remembering you , every love , every couple will remind me of you,

the nights were for crying in the name of you ,

the days were for laying in bed restless ,


realized one thing my worth in your life it was lower than your dog ,

but your worth in my life was more than family,money,things etc that was the difference between my love and your love it was not equal ,

you did not cared if i existed or not  so

even if you had stayed it would not last long ,

with passing times as its said time heals every wound ,

so was my healed ,

the broken me was still broken

the trust on love is not here but there is one thing that happened

i forgive him, its not his fault ,

its was not meant to be,

it was a life lesson ,

making me strong, making me brave,and above all of it changed me ,

not the old me who gets attached to people ,

cry for them ,

beg them to stay ,

if someone wants to leave ,

i will let them go even open the door for them

cause if someone really wants to stay

they will stay not threaten to leave or even leave ,

if someone is going to love me , he should love me as me,

with every flaw and every goodness ,

not try to change what i am,

even if i am cold heart, unkind,selfish , that’s what i am , no need to tell me what i am cause

i know me better than you 

but if you think i am good person

its your opinion good and bad are just like this

a line between both of them


i am not perfect , i may act immature,want love,cry but it does not make you weak it just shows how strong you have and how strong your going to be 

Who loves Chainsmokers

As a teenager when i was 14 I loved Justin bieber  but as i have now grown into an adult my liking and disliking habits have been changed and so does my music , now I love chainsmoker music its number one my male music list well  i would not say i hate Justin but i still like his two adult songs “i ‘ll show you ” and “what do you mean ” but other than that not interested who he comes last in my list now , coming back to chainsmoker they have released a new album this year and two of its song



“break up every night”   

are so fresh like in young it talks about love that immature not mature enough young love innocent love showing realities of love and the naughtiness as well

now the next one break up every night , it is just about women and there complicated mind and how it works but it is really fun

now coming to my favorite song of chainsmokers , they are two songs 


2.something just like this

closer is a really romantic and sexy song even if its old now I am never feed up with it ,


and about something just like this its the perfect dream of a girl to be a with superhero we have been reading these fairy tales like Cinderella,beauty and the beast and many more since childhood it gives us a desire to have fantasy so this song perfectly describes it how a girl wants a superhero instead of normal guy 



do let me know which one is your favorite one or even your favorite  song take care everyone

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