the face of heaven

the warmth of love

with love in her eyes

only bound by blood

loves endless cares forever

sleep gone as the baby is born

worrying all day even if hair grey

the zero figure lost forever but the smile remains the same

love at first sight exist  for her child

that is what a mother is

no poem , no book can explain

a god’s creation where else found

with a baby’s birth a  birth of mother is also done

everyday is a mother’s day cause mother’s love never dies

(I love you mama)


no one like you your love is remarkable

 every misdeed i do you will forgive me

never leaving me

times when i would be sad


not talk  to you ,

you would beg me

console me

try to make me happy

there is no one like you

in this dark world

oh  mother

thank you for being here


sorry for the tears that you cried because of me

MY SUNSHINE (my mother )

where is my sunshine

where is my star in the dark

who guides me , holds me when my feet tremble

who makes the sadness go away

i miss you mother

i crave your hands

i want those moments my head in your lap

i want to kiss you again

with you go gone the light is gone

with you gone my eyes are blurred

i can not find my way even in burning light

mother your my sunshine and will always be

you guys must think i write a lot of post of mother and father sometimes actually these are the two strong pillars in my life and have  most interaction with as well it’s not like we do not have dis arguments we have  buts it’s just that the bond is strong the love is also more and hurt is also more 🙂