so thin like a thread

broken with a storm

how long can it last ?

the love between me and you

weak like a wood

burned with fire

ashes left behind

flying in the sky

at least they got freedom

the story of our turned into regrets

the loud screams,anger,hatred

shattering the glass castle

which took a hundred years to be made

trust ,romance,passion were essence of what we shared called love

whats left are scars on souls

words turned into arguments

arguments turned into fights

were we meant to be like this ?

we were meant to be one soul

so broken am I

can love hurt this much

love gone hatred left

broken yet alive

breaking everything we shared into a memory

My world painted red

The feeling in your heart

feeling so empty

bright blue color

like a fountain of ink

spread across soil

my world painted in red

the ray of hope can barely be seen

the tortoure on women

never ending battle

my world painted in red

the ray of hope can barely be seen

can I be recarnated to avenge my traitors

so that I become a shinning knight


The reality of life

no human can escape

every soul has to taste

the fated destiny

sooner or later you have to leave

what you kept treasured gold

soft blankets and pillow replaced with sand and darkness

a mystery of grave still unsolved

kings , landlords , tyrants died leaving everything behind

as life and death are realities of life

My paternal grandma died on 10 feb 2018 in the morning may her soul rest in peace ameen

Never thought a day would come when I would not see your smile. The love you showed and the way you scold ,missing it with passing day

how I wish I had spend time with you when I was busy with my worldly hobbies


the face of heaven

the warmth of love

with love in her eyes

only bound by blood

loves endless cares forever

sleep gone as the baby is born

worrying all day even if hair grey

the zero figure lost forever but the smile remains the same

love at first sight exist  for her child

that is what a mother is

no poem , no book can explain

a god’s creation where else found

with a baby’s birth a  birth of mother is also done

everyday is a mother’s day cause mother’s love never dies

(I love you mama)


gone is the time

when we used to play

regardless of the thoughts

we had in head

used to fight but forgot in seconds

gone is the time

when we loved insane

played beside trees

ran in gardens

laughing and playing  making the neighbors complain

gone is the time

when no ego existed

used to play like we owned the world around

childhood once the best time

a journey of no hurt or betrayal

made of innocence and cuteness

gone is the time when childhood existed

now its life of an adult with tilted back


Lost the path ,wandering around

deep within the darkness

I found light

  a glistening lake surrounded by greenery 

the heart leads you on adventures tonight


this song is really inspiring , if you looking for light listen to it and also HAPPY CHRISTMAS , I DO NOT CELEBRATE IT BUT I WISH BLESSING AND GREETINGS TO EVERYONE CELEBRATING IT ,

                                   HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS


day or night ,

I miss you

wanting you so badly more than air

but the reality is we are oceans and seas apart

getting together is so impossible

like the meeting of sun and moon

but do not want to let go

your the dream that I desire ,

your the love i want more than gold ,

is it so wrong to desire you?

so be it don’t wanna be right anymore

this love is so deep every part of my body aches for it

the desire for your love will always remain in my heart no matter what happens