what have you done I am being pulled towards you

like a magnetic pulling me closer and closer

your deep voice is replayed in  my mind like a song over and over again

I am enslaved by your magic

Its hard to breath without you near me

Is this real ?

I keep asking my self

as you pull me closer closer and closer

I am enslaved into a world

I cant escape

you have captivated my mind

where can I run??

I keep thinking about you and its replayed like a movie

I really love you my worst fear is losing you

  enslaved by you


How many times you have started a story and left in mid way

how many times completing a story is the most challenging thing

how many times have you felt lost in writing and thought of giving up ??

how many times you thought to shout and show the world what you feel and write

but your hidden in the pages

maybe after your death people will read what you wrote

how many times have you hidden what you feel

how many times you feel like never writing again but still you do


As you started to leave

my hands started to shake

my world fell apart

you were the fragnance in the rose

the shine in the star

without you I felt so lost

wanted to stop you but my lips sealed

could not even say

“I love you ” these feelings in my heart

will they die in

as you were never mine

these poems I write

the man in my dreams is

only YOU

Hey guys you must be like Why always romance well I am hopless romantic person and all I do is love love lol just kidding its just

some poems and writing comes by heart it does not matter how it is written but what it makes you feel


scars deep inside my wrist

each scar , has its own story to tell

Hidden under the long sleeves

Afraid the world may see

A constant fear inside

that someone may know

and my secret out

these scars, that tell my story

to each and everyone

they may laugh ,they may pity

whatever they do will hurt me

So scars, be hidden

in a dimention

underneath the shadows

i want to tell you girls something, your beautiful these scars that we have within our hearts or as our hidden secrets do not make us ugly , and we should not be ashamed of them as they shows how strong we were and your beautiful and. I am beautiful regardless of color,religion,race ,nationality beauty do not relay on these things.

One is inner beauty and other is outer beauty and it depends on eyes so my eyes see you beautiful and myself as well and that’s important so do that and not hurt anyone .