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hey everyone i thought about this “clean up time ” how many of you have a messed up room where you eat in bed everything not its original place and everything so messed up and then finally a thought makes you realize i have to clean as i can not live here ?

 As myself i am not that of cleanness freak i only clean when my things are not on its place and i have to look for something , remember when your things are not there and your not finding them and after clean up you find everything , so i thought to write this post cause just awhile ago i cleaned my room it has many reasons though my mother she very particular about cleaning your are not allowed to put plates or anything on her bed or pen etc which can leave a stain and also have to come with clean feats  as a kid which was hard but i am used to it know but as myself in my bed i have my own rules . You also must have your own unique rules and style so if you like you can tell . So back to  the topic as my dad he to sometimes complain about my room but as stubborn i am i like to be free as the name of the page suggests so today i decided to clean i only clean when its gets supper messy or little i guess i don’t know what the level but i then do not feel comfortable and i start cleaning like i have to clean this and that put the things where it belongs and i was talking to myself and then i saw my father was looking at me and smiling saying you have gone on your aunt talking to yourself it was so embarrassing but i heard in an article that said there was an experiment done on talking to yourself and scientists did experiment on people , the people were given a list and told to shop the people that talked to themselves and took items remembered and the people who didn’t forgot so they said they talking to yourself gives message to brain and it increases vocabulary , i changed the topic again am i not like the teacher when asked a question she gets to somewhere else just kidding so i was then so careful not to talk but then i laughed at myself , its good to laugh at yourself its healthy too but when i was cleaning i also thought about a song yeah your right “the clean up anthem song “made by  “super women ” is not she cool , here is a link to the video

this is quite a good song  and know my room is looking so neat and clean so comfortable and makes your soul feel so good but if a room is always clean where can this beautiful feeling come but one thing that happens with me guest come when things are messed up why do not they come when i have just cleaned i think guest should visit after the cleaning day and that  too quickly as it may get messed up as she in the song or i think in one video said why clean room it will get messed up again but still the soul feel good and surrounding too lighten but always cleaning would not be cool as change is good right !


I liked this , i read somewhere it is so so well said

also happy cleaning everyone share your stories if you have any