Be Grateful

Only realize when we lose it.

The things we have are so precious be it humans or anything else .

Basic life needs, many do not have like food, clean water, electricity and gas.

These are the sources we live upon even the air we breath is so priceless that without it we would not live a second on this place Earth.

Perfect for humans to live cause you can not live on mars,venus or moon .

Even the sun rain are blessing upon us from God so be grateful before its too late .

Its the last day of the month january bye bye lets start next month with fresh start


 Your friends ,family and the ones you know are safe what more can a person pray for right?

Nowadays  technology is really useful it has made what was impossible in the past but as with every ease there is difficulty .

We should take precautions with technology so it does not hurt us or other people .

There were two dangerous incidents that happened with cell phones and laptops .

One was a girl fell asleep while she had her headphones on and the cell phone was charging and it resulted in her death and her whole body burned so we should switch off the appliances and especially not use the phone when its charging to just be safe.

The other incident an aunt of my told they were flying from Dubai to Saudi Arabia and in the flight a person had his laptop on and he was sleeping which resulted in his pillow burned ,his passport  burned and it dangered the lives of so many people on flight cause it caused smoke and  many people fainted .

Thankfully no one died and the passengers were safe

“so be safe and keep others safe ”


this song so much is relatable  to my true story , so listen to it as well

friendship to love

and then

from  love to heartbreak

all of it happened so soon

that the time spent with you seemed

so short


the fights seemed so long


there remain one thing which never changed

and that was my love for you

so strong

like an ice berg


then you broke me

into a thousand pieces with leaving me alone

that it was so hard to live


move on ,

the relation from friendship,love and break up quickly turned into something called hatred,revenge ,

hating you was easy then revenge

cause seeing you hurt was like me hurt

but continued to hate you

for what you did to me ,blamed you ,resented you ,tried to do friendship ,still cared for your wounds

the heart ached for you ,

but then when everything failed ,

every effort was thrown into the bin,

when there was no going back to what we were,

no matter how hard i tried it could not be normal relation,

there i stopped trying ,stopped calling,texting,being a nuisance,

but stopping everything did not mean my heart stopped loving ,

when there was rain i would write your name on my car window ,

remembering you , every love , every couple will remind me of you,

the nights were for crying in the name of you ,

the days were for laying in bed restless ,


realized one thing my worth in your life it was lower than your dog ,

but your worth in my life was more than family,money,things etc that was the difference between my love and your love it was not equal ,

you did not cared if i existed or not  so

even if you had stayed it would not last long ,

with passing times as its said time heals every wound ,

so was my healed ,

the broken me was still broken

the trust on love is not here but there is one thing that happened

i forgive him, its not his fault ,

its was not meant to be,

it was a life lesson ,

making me strong, making me brave,and above all of it changed me ,

not the old me who gets attached to people ,

cry for them ,

beg them to stay ,

if someone wants to leave ,

i will let them go even open the door for them

cause if someone really wants to stay

they will stay not threaten to leave or even leave ,

if someone is going to love me , he should love me as me,

with every flaw and every goodness ,

not try to change what i am,

even if i am cold heart, unkind,selfish , that’s what i am , no need to tell me what i am cause

i know me better than you 

but if you think i am good person

its your opinion good and bad are just like this

a line between both of them


i am not perfect , i may act immature,want love,cry but it does not make you weak it just shows how strong you have and how strong your going to be 


boldly I say this is my life

my choices ,my decisions

don’t invade that is not your place to talk

I survive alone

I bear the pains alone

when I am walking in dessert

you’re not there

so who gave you the right to force your advice on me

I know myself so do i know the good and bad

weather I fall or get up

weather I make mistakes or wrong choice

I want them to be all my

cause this is my life

you lived your life

so let me live it by my terms

not doing what you want me to do

if my worth is known ,by the degree I have

or the job I have

or the bank status then

I do not need you

cause these things do not define my worth

I am above them

more precious ,more worth than any thing

 I am swan,  loves to be free

if you cage me , I will die

if you force me , I will still die

cause I am free

free to make my choice

nothing it has to do with you

I do not want your dirty stress

stupid advice which will lead 

the swan to  jump from the mountain 

but the swan is brave

she will fight this cruel world

with rules made making the swan suffocate

so she will break free

breaking the rules

 escaping the cage

and will fly towards her wants, desires

she will be a legend

an inspiration to the world

how to break free slavery

and claim your right

not to run but fight

that is the only way to survive

cause surrendering will kill 

so will running as well so fight for yourself ,

for your choices only yours

feel the freedom ,the motivation,the inspiration the you who you are not the fake one so choose you want to be swan ???? or any other thing you want your life , your choice 🙂



I thought to write about this cause i think sharing with you guys is every important , today some far away guest came and we had conversation some of her words made me speechless with no reply and i did not liked it , first of all she criticized me for sleeping in the day and said i sleep all day i told her do not you sleep in night i am awake in night so yeah i will be sleeping in the day at least few hour till lunch but as stubborn these people are putting business in others personal life she said what i do at night then? oh my god what do people do in day have every asked this no but i replied what you do in day , i talked about i am thinking about cutting hair i am quite excited about it cause i have long hair and  i wanted  a new look so yeah there she started saying that i sleep all day anyway so why should i get one  people who works have job or go to college( actually i home study ) so have different time to study or go somewhere should look good look after themselves but i never agreed with this statement that we should get ready for others i always thought we should love ourselves i was not able to reply back or make her mouth shut but i think we should defeat these kind of people by taking and loving more of ourselves that is the best revenge right


  • “I AM BEAUTIFUL TO THE ONE PERSON  WHO MATTERS ” , YES HECTORS MOUTH IS GOING TO BE OPEN WHEN HE SEES YOU ” ,” THANK YOU BUT I MEANT ME  ,I’m BEAUTIFUL TO MYSELF  ”                                                                                                           RAE CARSON 
  • You yourself  , as much as anybody in the entire universe , deserve your love and affection .                                                                                            BUDDHA 

  • There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness (Maria Mitchell)
  • The best thing about beauty is that no picture can express it  (Francis Bacon )
  • Just keep moving forward and do not give a shit about what anybody thinks . D o what you have to do for yourself  (Johnny Depp )
  • To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment . (Ralph Waldo Emerson )





when ruthless storm overwhelms my world

when settling sun falls off the endless road

when dark clouds overshadow the sky

when i step back out of fear

I hear my inner self telling me this

 you have to savour all the bitter pains

before you have  the heart of courage

you have to face the dark nights

don’t cry  

your just flying against the wind

looking up you will see the morning twilight 

try to give yourself a smile

 fight the fate with all you have

don’t cry

 deep within , you have a burning faith  

don’t cry 

 you should be proud of yourself

 I believe i will fulfill all my dreams

All my dreams

hey guys we are facing so much in our lives so much pain so much bitterness that no one can see but only we can feel it ,only we are the ones that know our crying  behind close door how much we make ourselves strong there comes some point in our lives that we are broken no one knows about it only we know how much hurt and how much week we are feeling so i found this actually it is a Chinese song  from love never forgetting but i wrote its lyrics before  and kept it safe as it was so encouraging and  now i edited it a little bit to my taste and wrote it out for you guys so when ever your feeling hopeless when your crying read this and i hope you will feel little better 

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