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Curse out this society

The times never changed

girl child was buried alive is called history

history repeats itself

fetus killed in womb

from centuries and even now women discriminated

the tiny ego of man can’t accept “NO” for an answer

for taking revenge will go to any extent

breaking her heart not a big deal

she is princess of her father

apple of her mother’s eyes

but you don’t feel ashamed of breaking her piece by piece inside

what a shame oh society !

I curse out loud why ?what’s the fault of women born

news of rape on TV what’s new tell me something new?

From adult to an infant 8 month old they don’t leave you alone

there desires are fault of a women

she gets harassed and abused by the way she walk, talk, dress why did she smiled?

She wanted to be raped, harrassed, murdered

don’t blame the killer, rapist, abuser cause he watched fifty shades so he thinks he can abuse,

he thinks his mother wife sister stay at home no one will look at them so he can look at you, stare at you, curse you, cat call you, as your talking to him, as he is your friend, as you trusted him it’s your mistake ,your characterless because you talk to guys, because you go out, because you work

if a women points her rapist, abuser still she is blamed for fame, attention and is never taken seriously till she takes her own life and people say

“oh so she told the truth ” but it’s too late,

society it’s too late that innocent girl child took her life with her own hands are you satisfied

no maybe some man will even abuse her dead body that’s how low we have fallen

that’s how low and dirty this society has become

you can trust no one ,and the people you trust the most will break it like it never existed.

humanity, society

Humans blood “black”

the sky is blue

the grass is green

the tongues are filled with deadly venom

the sky is crying

the rivers are shouting

mankind ignorant

killing people is so easy

with a trigger man dead

with a blast hundreds killed

women children elders does not matter

as the blood of humans got black 

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Parenting tools

Instead of telling your child why you took the first step to get yourself hurt ? HUG THEM and teach them how to stand on there own .

Many parents tell there children be careful don’t get yourself hurt etc but to an instant as when there a child maybe its ok but as the child grows it becomes there habit to protect there children from every harm just as if the child have not experinced (an adult ) so as the child have not experinced danger , hurt and fall how would he adventure ?how would he know whats on the other side and until the child tries he would not know the house will be a prison not a home then if your child fears telling you there hurt cause they know you will instead scold them and tell them “did not i told you not to do it” ? Thats the worst thing to do to your child cause they will not share things with you then and last teach them how to get up on there own and that if he needs them they will support them no matter what cause thats whats parents are for to love nurture and make the butterfly fly high into the dangers of the universe

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What more can I do

erased everything

left my pains behind

trying to love you back

but am I selfish for wanting it

or are you selfish for breaking it

your eyes are cold

your heart is stone

a demons resides within your soul

your thirsty for my blood

and I am guilty for this chocolate heart

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Can you love me ??

Can you love me ?

Without seeing my face

Can you love me ?

Without caring about my race,nationality and color

Can you love me ?

With these scars I hide below my sleeves.

Can you love me ?

Without caring about my religion

Can you love my heart not my body

Can you love me even if I am not perfect

Can you love me even if I lie or cheat

Can you love me for me

Can you love me for being human not a thing to be used for your lust

Can love be pure

if my beauty fades or my face burns will you still love me

no can you love me then

ABUSE, society

What was her fault ??

Once upon a time a seven year old girl a minor an angel trusted a human shape monster

people say your clothes are short so you got raped or you were showing skin or maybe why were you out late so its your fault for being raped

but what was this little girl fault she neither wore short clothes nor was a women she was a small kid who mentally and physically was never ready to go throught this hell

she was a child why did not the man had pity on her

why could not he see the innocence in her face

my hearts hurts and my mind goes blank on thinking what would be going in her mind when she was being raped she would not even know what was happening to her why was she being treated like this what was her fault ???

Zainab was the eighth victim of the man named imran in pakistan punjab he would kidnap little girls give them sweets and would then take them to his home and rape them brutally. For five days he had raped her after her body was found in garbage .

Zainab case got viral and the police then got active and he was caught or i dont know how many more would he target I would just say our children are not safe dont trust anyone and tell your kids to not take things from starngers and not to be alone with man even if they know them cause this is a serious crime happening throughout the world these sexual predators are looking for looking for kids to fulfuil there disgusting lust.I am really upset about it may her soul rest in peace ameen

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Injustice to the gender of weak ???

 when looking for a daughter in law why should she know how to cook?

do anyone asks if the guy can cook?
if a man sleep with countless women he is called cool but the women is slut shamed even for having a bf or sleeping around ,

when its her choice what she do
why is a women judged by her clothes “she deserved to be raped etc”
or said a women has to compromise in relations cause the man will never change ?
or a women should take abuse from the mother in law cause she is a wife
the society is changing but its really little cause girl child is still killed

If a guy runs away and marry without his parents permission its okay but if a girl do the same she is killed in the name of honor killing

a girl is thrown acid attack for selfish reasons of the boy in the name of love destroying her whole life

a 5 year old minor is raped for the lust of the man do not the sky falls apart on the injustice to women when will it end ?

from small issue to big women are discriminated

does it happen cause women is weak ?