If Your Ashes Remember This (by nikita gill)

they will insult you , hurt you, defeat you, betray you , injure you, set you a flame and watch you burn.                   but they will not , shall not, cannot destroy you. because you, like Rome were built on ashes and you, like a phoenix know how…


hey everyone ! what are you scared of , what makes your heart race and feet sweat .It can be either emotional pain like your scared of heartbreak , rejection or even judgment . It can also be fear of something you see like women are mouse or some can be scared of lizards,dogs,cats,bee, reptiles,spiders…


the face of heaven the warmth of love with love in her eyes only bound by blood loves endless cares forever sleep gone as the baby is born worrying all day even if hair grey the zero figure lost forever but the smile remains the same love at first sight exist  for her child that…

choice vs time

falling, crawling, sinking down a ruthless storm with burning stones lost and found the game of love what you prioritize shows the path you choose don’t tell me you want me unless I became the air you breath    


gone is the time when we used to play regardless of the thoughts we had in head used to fight but forgot in seconds gone is the time when we loved insane played beside trees ran in gardens laughing and playing  making the neighbors complain gone is the time when no ego existed used to…


This year , a new start , a new beginning , new friends forget the old bitter memories forgive the ones that hurt you and start again with a fresh mind .


kids can turn you into a baby again by making you a child time flies by with them   such a beauty in the world children  

A Women

Women the name of love and care its been centuries women sacrifice for the people they love compromises and sacrifices are just a tiny part of her love for you she may kill the dreams she had cause loving you is more than that the pains that God has written in her fate  suffering every…

deep down (guest post)

So many things we’re supposed to be Why can’t we just be ourselves They hold you down so far Lying broken on the floor We pick up the pieces And we try again and again and again Even wrong turns can turn out right sometimes Even if only for awhile And it’s a […] via So…


 Your friends ,family and the ones you know are safe what more can a person pray for right? Nowadays  technology is really useful it has made what was impossible in the past but as with every ease there is difficulty . We should take precautions with technology so it does not hurt us or other…


cold weather , snow covered trees shivering and sneezing colds winds brushing through your skin its January when washing hands  is torture its january the month of  hot coffee  the blankets and jackets are not enough its january when the cold is hard to bear (enjoy the cold friends)


hello every one my dear fellow writers and readers , I know I am a bit late on New Year but wish all of you happiness and blessing , I was a away for a while cause we were shifting . The home I lived in for about twenty years , spend my whole childhood….