lust and love a thin line ,

love was when we were innocent ,

now all that is left is lust

the butterflies are gone

don’t know what love is anymore?

a world where virginity is sold

and the number of girls look cool

when the spice is over

its taken for granted

then affairs are formed on shady nights

when the night comes ….

when the night comes and the cold touches my body

i miss your body warmth

the place next to in bed is missing you as well

this bed with the blanket is even more lonely

i miss your touch when the night comes 

it reminds me of you

the night is so tormenting

missing your affection i am alive not living

the night full of miseries

when the unfulfilled lust comes, i think of you

come and save me i can not sleep

your touch makes me to sleep

your kiss is like a drug making all illness go away

this room reminds me of you

the wall calls your name

everything is the same but your missing 

why you left me to the creeping night

come back to me before i go insane

a man or women both can be taken misses the lover that left them so now he  especially when the night comes  he is missing her cause in day people can get themselves busy and do not spend much time but night is the time the couples have the most special time  and also night makes you want to get intimate so the basic story was he is getting insane without her hope you get what i mean