She breaks

She is an unexplainable choas that the world cant handle yet she breaks and falls and then rises all over again

She is a warrior who falls again and again just to rise

She is misunderstood often for her extraordinary light

She feels too deep making it hurt too much

And she deserves someone who sees the light as many are blind so they dont see the light igniting within her wings

Wings meant to make her fly as she is an eagle meant to fly over clouds not to be caged


How many times you have started a story and left in mid way

how many times completing a story is the most challenging thing

how many times have you felt lost in writing and thought of giving up ??

how many times you thought to shout and show the world what you feel and write

but your hidden in the pages

maybe after your death people will read what you wrote

how many times have you hidden what you feel

how many times you feel like never writing again but still you do